Payroll Services

Smith Cravens’ Specialist Payroll Department are able to take care of every aspect connected to Payroll.

Smith Cravens’ Payroll Department employs helpful and knowledgeable staff, who provide a professional and reliable service, which takes away the time and hassle when clients have to undertake matters themselves, particularly complex cases.

The department has grown significantly over recent years and now acts for a large number of clients. They believe that this growth is due to the service being run efficiently, the use of the latest software and experienced staff who have become competent in this field.

The department offers a personal, confidential and cost effective service, tailored to the individual needs of their clients. It is a comprehensive offering which has been established on a fixed fee basis.

Should you already have an existing payroll scheme, then the team at Smith Craven will make it easy for you to switch providers.

Auto Enrolment:

No doubt by now you have heard a lot about the changes governed by the new measures introduced in the Pension Act 2008, not least the obligations Employers now face.

The Payroll Bureau at Smith Craven have been fully involved in this change of legislation and as such, are able to assist clients accordingly in relation to implications for them via their payroll arrangements.

It can to some appear a complicated and confusing process and something that you intend to ‘put off’ until nearer your Staging Date. (The Staging Date being the date the new law applies to your company.) However, a significant amount of preparation is necessary to ensure you are ready to comply with all the Government’s requisite requirements when ‘D Day’ strikes.

An Employer will not only have to contribute to the scheme on behalf of an Employee, but they will also need to arrange to deduct the pension contribution on behalf of the job holder each payday.

Under Smith Cravens’ obligation to their  Payroll Clients, they agree to assist in all aspects of the payroll process, providing the comprehensive support required.

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