Business Growth Division

‘Without continual Growth and Progress, such words as Improvement, Achievement and Success have no meaning’. (Benjamin Franklin)

Being ‘Dedicated to our Clients success’, is something the entire team at Smith Craven are proud to advocate. As such we aspire to assist clients realise controlled, accelerated and sustainable growth, via strategic planning, coaching and training.

Business Growth has always been a field that the firm has engaged in. Yet until 2013, Smith Craven had not allocated a team within the Practice directly to this cause. We now have a specialist team of experienced Business Advisors, who not only bring a different skill set to the table, but who also collectively have many years’ experience of working with businesses of differing size and entity. Our service is characterised by delivery of valued advice and guidance by a team who provide a dynamic range of skills relevant to those they engage with.

The Team offers strategic advice and guidance to overcome barriers to business growth, with  Business Coaching at the core of what we do. Coaching intervention often evolves into Strategic Visioning, Creative and Innovative Thinking, Revised Systems and Processes and Critical Evaluation, allowing achievable growth to be realised.

The service we offer as a growth team is bespoke, so whatever your need our Consultants can assist you. Some of the projects we undertake include:

  • Business Growth Coaching and Mentoring
  • Strategic Planning Advice
  • Developing Growth Plans aligned with the Organisations Vision
  • Evaluation of current Business Plans, Strategies, Marketing Opportunities and Business Operations
  • Support in Overcoming Barriers to Growth
  • Reviewing the Company’s Competitive Advantage
  • Training Events/Seminars (subjects include Business Development Fundamentals, Procurement, Creative Thinking and Marketing)
  • Acting as Non-Executive Directors as part of Board Meetings
  • Identifying available Grant Funding

It is worthy of note that the Business Growth Team have assisted clients in securing over £1m of Government funding, during the past year.

To find out more please contact the team.


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