Smith Craven


Smith Craven Handpicked As A Leading UK Firm

We are pleased to announce that Smith Craven have been awarded inclusion in Handpicked Accountants, a new service that aims to connect small business owners and company directors with only the very best accountants in their area.

Handpicked Accountants is a new concept that comprises of an online searchable database and personalised accountant matching facility, for anyone in need of accountancy services. What makes Handpicked Accountants stand out from the other business directory sites is that each of the firms featured in Handpicked Accountants have been thoroughly vetted prior to their inclusion. This rigorous vetting procedure means that so far only around 1,000 of the approximately 320,000 accountancy firms registered in the UK have been awarded inclusion.

Therefore anyone who uses Handpicked Accountants can be assured to be connected with only the very best firms in their area, whom they know that they can trust to do a great job, putting the needs of them and their business first – and all for a fair and reasonable price.

David Tattersall, Head of Client Relations at Handpicked Accountants, said, “Being able to connect our clients with excellent firms like Smith Craven is exactly why we founded Handpicked Accountants. Since their inception in 1928, Smith Craven have built up their well-deserved reputation as the firm to go to for the highest levels of professional and customer focussed services, providing exceptional facilities for anyone who is looking for accountants in Doncaster, Sheffield,  Worksop, Chesterfield and in any of the surrounding areas.”

Kelvin Fitton, Partner at Smith Craven, commented, “Here at Smith Craven we are proud of our reputation as one of the best accountancy firms in the area, which is entirely down to the hard working and professional attitude of our excellent team. We hope that by being part of Handpicked Accountants we will be able to extend this offering to a range of new and exciting clients. Offering the full range of accountancy and business advice services from Start-Up to Audit and Corporate Services, we are dedicated to utilising our broad range of sector and industry knowledge to provide a complete and personalised service to our clients.”